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Annual Conference 2010 - Warsaw

The Annual Conferences are an opportunity to look into the more longer-term developments of the EU and they are also the core events of the ESRT annual activities



Bogdan Klich, Radoslaw Silkorski and Philip Gordon

The ESRT is moving its security debates to national capitals: After more than 10 years of ESDP/CSDP, it is time to promote the merits of EU`s comprehensive security approach for its citizens. In the presence of the Polish Ministers for Defence and Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Klich and Radoslaw Sikorski, Polish and EU decision-makers will have the opportunity to address current issues and to prepare initiatives for the Polish EU-Presidency in 2011. Please find below the programme.

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Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Sikorski, Polish Defence Minister Klich and Assistant Secretary of State from the US State Department Gordon spoke at ESRT Annual Conference in Warsaw.

On 29 October, the European Security Round Table held its Annual Conference on “The European Union as a comprehensive Security Actor” in Warsaw. Initiated by Krzysztof Lisek MEP, Vice Chairman Subcommittee Security and Defence (SEDE) and coorganised by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Parliament, the conference gave decision-makers from Brussels and Poland an excellent opportunity to discuss topics and priorities for the upcoming Polish EU Presidency in the second half of 2011.

Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Radoslaw Sikorski in his keynote speech gave concrete examples of the Presidency priorities such as a civilian-military planning and command capability, revitalising the Battlegroups and support for the development of a European Whitebook on Defence. Members of the European Parliament welcomed the ideas and signaled support. Polish Defence Minister Bogdan Klich underlined that the Polish government is in favour of a European civil-military headquarter. And Assistant Secretary of State from the US State Department, Philip Gordon made it clear that European defence budget cuts are not a problem as such as long as the subsequent reforms lead to more deployable forces.


The Annual Conferences are an opportunity to look into the more longer-term developments of the EU. For further information please visit our previous conferences.

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