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 European Security Round Table
 - a neutral platform between the EU Institutions, NATO and other relevant actors to discuss European security and defence issues -


The European Security Forum (17/18 November 2014 in Brussels), chaired by MEP Michael Gahler, is a new EU Security and Defence platform in order to better harmonize national debates.
Here you can find a collection of articles relating to the Topics going to be discussed at the European Security Forum:

Michael Gahler MEP and Conference President:
It is high time to launch a preparatory action on defence research!

Christoph Raab, Chairman of the ESRT and Initiator of the ESF:
The European Parliament in security and defence - How functional will it be?

Jean-Dominique Giuliani, President of the Robert Schuman Foundation:
L’Europe après la Crimée (French)

Dr. John M. Nomikos, Director of the Research Institute for European and
American Studies (RIEAS), Athens, Greece:
Combating Illegal Immigration, Terrorism, and Organized Crime in Greece and Italy

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