The eSRT

The European Cyber Security Round Table (eSRT) is a neutral platform for policy debates founded in 2013, on the basis of a series of large-scale conferences held between 2011-2013.

Being a membership-based organization, the main intention of the eSRT is to create concrete and result-oriented formats able to bring together decision-makers from the cyber security community with relevant stakeholders. A typical event gathers EU officials and international experts from the public and private sector as well as our political and corporate partners, thus covering the range of European players. The platform provides an opportunity to initiate debates, test ideas and discuss solutions with a distinguished audience. 

The eSRT will organize around ten events in 2014 on cyber security matters, including round tables, conferences and technical briefings. Our round tables are usually held under the Chattam House rule and provide the participants with a privileged forum to closely discuss core cyber security issues. The conferences involve a broader audience and address the crucial dimensions of a specific topic. It is of the eSRT's intention to develop an Annual Conference covering longer-term issues of ICT security in the EU, thus creating a regular forum for policy-makers to initiate and/or raise specific political debates. Technical briefings can also be organised in order to discuss complex technological issues that need to be communicated to the political arena in order to support the decision-making and capacity-building process with better know-how.

Our main strengths:

  • Proven expertise in cyber security issues
  • Close partnerships with key political decision-makers, groups, foundations, Permanent Representations, national/EU officials, Third countries and experts and private stakeholders.
  • Established European network and beyond
  • High Level Advisory Board

* For more information about eSRT events:
Sinan Müller-Karpe
+32 27 33 33 35